Tunnel solutions

Tunnel access

Through our previous experience in concrete construction within tunnels, we have developed plant solutions for the supply and placement of concrete. We have a fleet of narrow concrete delivery wagons, which are designed to be able to pass each other within the tunnel bore at designated raised passing points. Their unique side-cab design with lockable steering axles offers a safe way for concrete to be delivered from the batcher to the workface, and back again.

Concrete placement

Concrete can be chuted into position, compacted and finished at a rate to match the progress of the project, ensuring efficiency and quality of work. We are also able to adapt the compaction and finishing methodology, to ensure that our operatives are working in a safe and healthy environment.

Construction trials

The key to successful outputs for tunnel slipform projects has been to undertake trials using dummy tunnels on the surface. Our teams have constructed tunnel segments and used identical plant as that to be used in the tunnel, to recreate site conditions.

Tunnel walkway production
Tunnel invert slab production

The concrete mix and the method of getting the concrete to remain in place, up to a maximum walkway height, are then varied until the optimal solution is found for the project.

We have considerable experience and expertise in successfully delivering slipform tunnel walkway projects.
By using our specialist technique, which allows us to slipform walkways in one pass for each side, we have been able to deliver significant programme savings for our clients, compared to other conventional methods.

Key benefits:

  • Certainty of programme
  • Single delivery provider
  • Simplification of detail
  • Single operation
  • No reliance on concrete pumps
  • Slab constructed at same rate as project progress allowing follow-on activities to start earlier
  • Full plant supply
  • Experience in delivery of similar projects
  • Operatives and mechanics on hand to ensure continuous operation