Slipform retaining wall

Retaining walls can be slipformed in either of two profiles:

  • Mass profile, where the external face is vertical, and the rear face is battered.
  • ’L’ shaped profile, where both the external face and the rear face are vertical, and anchorage is achieved with a ‘toe’ at the bottom of the rear face.
  • DCB face profile retaining wall is a system combining our Vehicle Restraint System with battered or ‘L’-shaped rear faces for retaining heights of up to 1.4 metres.

We have slipformed retaining walls from 0.9m right up to 2.4m – which is the highest slipformed retaining wall in Europe.

On the M25 Section 4 project, installation of our 2.4m wall saved having to transport several thousand tonnes of excavated material to landfill, resulting in a considerable cost saving and significant environmental benefits.


Key statistics:

We have been able to transfer the skills developed over 40 years of slipforming to construct slipformed concrete retaining walls up to 2.4m high. This technique offers a high output, high quality retaining wall solution. Outputs have been consistently higher than industry standards.

With our in-house expertise, the slipform moulds can be adapted to suit the required section and level of reinforcement.

Benefits of slipformed retaining walls include:

  • Reduced land take compared to earthwork slopes
  • Fast rate of construction
  • Fewer temporary works
  • Efficient use of plant and materials