Concrete solutions

We have 40 years of concrete experience, including providing concrete solutions for:

  • Motorways and trunk roads – Running lanes, infill sections and wet lean. This includes projects where we have used our own on-site concrete batcher, or our own volumetric mixers to supply concrete.
  • Airfields – Where accuracy and quality is paramount, we use a Leica 3-D stringless guidance system, instead of a traditional stringline, to control line and level. This also includes projects where we have used our own on-site concrete batcher to supply concrete.
  • Bay replacements – Where fast setting concrete is laid at night using our own volumetric mixers, and the concrete has to achieve sufficient strength for the road to re-open to traffic by the morning.
  • Innovation – On the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR), we designed an off-site fabrication system to manufacture large sized reinforcement mats, which were then placed as single sheets, saving substantial time and cost for the client.

We operate up to four mobile concrete batching plants, which allow us to self deliver on a 24/7 basis, and complete projects – however large or complex – on time, efficiently and to a very high specification.

Environmentally friendly

Our mobile concrete batching plant provided a green solution for dealing with thousands of cubic metres of coal tar contaminated road planings (which are classed as a Hazardous Waste), that were produced during the removal of the existing hard-shoulder.

We used the coal tar contaminated road planings, batched on site using our own mobile batching plant, for wet lean that we placed in the lower base layer, making use of a hazardous waste, that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.

This produced a saving of approximately £3-4million in disposal costs, and a further saving in not having to import thousands of tonnes of virgin aggregate.

Avoiding transporting the tar planings to a tip and avoiding transporting the virgin aggregate to site also produced a huge saving in carbon emissions – approximately 140te.