Tunnels 3: - P J Davidson (UK) Limited at work in the Eastern Running Tunnels at Crossrail

Our part in this prestigious project was to slipform the track sub-bed and walkways of the Eastern Running Tunnels under London. We utilised 2 of our own Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, one set up at Limmo Peninsula and the other at Stepney Green within the project to avoid delays with concrete supplies, we also supplied purpose designed materials handling equipment in order to get concrete to the workface. See our videos

We used a Leica 3-D stringless guidance system to control line and level.

One of the logistical challenges of slipforming in a very long and narrow tunnel, is how to transport concrete to feed the paver without being limited to one truck due to the tunnel width. Peter Davidson came up with a design on an earlier project, and had a fleet of trucks manufactured that had a good carrying capacity, but were narrow enough to pass each other in the tunnels.