Tunnels 2: - P J Davidson (UK) Limited at work in the Malmo City Tunnel, Sweden

Our part in this prestigious project was to slipform the track sub-bed and walkways of the twin tunnels under Malmo City Centre. Each of the tunnels were 6km long, the walkways were slipformed to a profiled cross section to include a trough to carry cables/services. Peter Davidson had all of the moulds manufactured in the UK.

We used a Leica 3-D stringless guidance system to control line and level.

One of the logistical challenges of slipforming in a very long and narrow tunnel, is how to transport concrete to feed the paver without being limited to one truck due to the tunnel width. Peter Davidson came up with a design, and had a fleet of trucks manufactured that had a good carrying capacity, but were narrow enough to pass each other in the tunnels - as can be seen in the photos above.

Tunnels 3: the Eastern Running Tunnels at Crossrail