We utilise Volumetric Mixers when logistics require, each truck can carry up to 10 cubic metres, and produce up to a cubic metre of concrete per minute at the point of use. Volumetric Mixers are Kitemark Licenced to BS EN 206 and BS 8500 by BSI.

The benefits in efficiency, safety and environmental impacts of using Volumetric Mixers include: -

  • Larger load capacity - less journeys, less carbon emissions.
  • No risk of concrete going off in a mixer drum due to distance or traffic problems.
  • No waiting to start a pour - we can line up 3 trucks behind a paver before it is even ready to work.
  • Less waste - when we finish a pour we simply stop mixing.
  • Less water needed for washing out, less waste water to dispose of.
  • Less accuracy required when cubing up for a pour.
  • The ability to change mix types within one load.
  • No need to climb a ladder to wash out.
  • No need to get inside a mixer drum to clean out concrete build up.