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EN1317 is the current European standard for Road Restraint Systems.

All road restraint systems must be tested and certified to meet the requirements of EN1317.

The following parts of EN1317 apply to Safety Barriers: -

  • EN1317-1 defines the terminology and general criteria for test methods
  • EN1317-2 defines performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods.
  • EN1317-5 defines product requirements and evaluation of conformity for vehicle restraint systems. The current version is: EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012 - which is a harmonised standard (Last amended in August 2013) and therefore the Construction Products Regulation and CE Marking applies.
Annex ZA of EN 1317-5 defines the 'System of attestation of conformity' for Vehicle Restraint Systems: - 
System 1: Initial type testing (ITT) by a Notified Body; and Initial inspection of the factory production control (FPC) and assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) by a Notified Body.
The Manufacturer (or his authorised representative established within the EEA) is responsible for affixing* CE marking to the product (*Or providing it on the accompanying documents.)
Road Overseeing Authorities of European member countries are required to provide newly built safety restraint systems that are complaint with the requirements of EN1317.